NWIBRTWe are very excited to present our safety app at the Northwest Indiana Business RoundTable (NWIBRT) session on April 5th! The NWIBRT is an independent, non-profit council of local firms committed to the improvement of construction and maintenance projects in Northwest Indiana. Its purpose is to promote safety, quality and cost-effective solutions to challenges faced by owners, contractors and labor in the region.

We encourage those who are unable to attend the conference to check out our Safety App Brochure to see how we can make your safety procedures more efficient and cost-effective.

We are a knowledge-sharing platform trying to solve 30 friction points that we have identified in the construction industry. We plan on attacking these issues through our user-friendly mobile apps.

Our best in class mobile applications have been developed using government research, with the help of industry-leading experts. Data is transferred, stored, and analyzed in real time through a back end, cloud-based website. The website provides key performance indicators and customizable reports.

Our initial focus is on SAFETY mobile application, which is used by contractors, construction managers, program managers, facility managers and owners to review a list of best practice safety measures depending on the work being performed. Once a safety issue is noted, it is tracked using a picture taken from the smartphone. The issue is then sent to a responsible person to correct either through email or text and tracked within each application. By using CCS Analytics, each company will then be able to tie the mobile application from their devices into an enterprise reporting tool.

Check out our CCS Safety brochure for more information.

Contact us for more questions.