The construction tech industry spans emerging categories such as collaboration software, marketplaces, and frontier tech applications.

Construction is an asset-heavy industry that startups and investors are increasingly recognizing as a sector primed for digitization. 2017 has already seen approximately $169M in disclosed funding across at least 25 deals to construction tech companies.

Startups in the space are attacking the industry across diverse areas such as field management and equipment and construction materials marketplaces. In particular, we have seen a surge in the applications of mobile and cloud technologies, AI and robotics, AR/VR, and CAD software towards the construction industry.

Using CB Insights’ platform, we identified 100+ startups working in construction tech, and categorized them into a market map spanning 13 key emerging categories and subcategories, including marketplaces, monitoring and safety, and design technologies. We define our construction tech category as startups working on software tools and platforms used by different participants in the industry including architects, developers, builders, and contractors.


via: CB Insights