I am really proud of the staff at Capital Construction Solutions for releasing CCS Pro! The vision of the company has always been to map out all of the risk within a construction project, make it easily accessible to people on the jobsite as well as the main office and then to provide executive dashboards to visualize the risk across an entire company’s portfolio in real-time.

After 19 months in the marketplace we now have the final piece of the puzzle completed.  With CCS Pro, clients now have a way to visualize risk in ways that were unimaginable in the marketplace until now.

With risk being highly subjective and difficult to quantify, CCS Pro really changes the way that companies manage risk by making it easy and configurable. With advanced analytics also comes predictive analytics.

With six integrated modules, analytics are now provided to companies to view their risk across six specific friction points: safety, quality,  closeout, commissioning, CPM scheduling, and contract reviews.

Also, with recent changes with the CCS platform, managing risk has become easier for any industry using the platform: manufacturing, higher ed, energy, oil and gas, life sciences, infrastructure, facility management, etc.

Now that there are almost 50 specific visualizations within CCS Pro, I’m excited to see how the new platform will grow with our clients using the knowledge transfer system to leverage additional best practices with advanced analytics.

Congrats to the team for a lot of very hard work!


-Cory Davis, Founder