Capital Construction Solutions releases CCS Inspection

Application brings a Construction Quality Control Program and associated Analytics to your fingertips in real-time.

December 6, 2016 – Capital Construction Solutions (CCS) is proud to introduce its Quality Inspection Application.  Already an industry leader and award winner with its Construction Safety Application, CCS continues its quest to bring total project control to your fingertips with knowledge, informatics and analytics in real time.

“Our newest mobile application, CCS Inspection, will make a positive difference in the outcome of a project”, says Cory Davis, CEO of CCS.  “We have created a knowledge transfer tool that can, in a matter of hours, make everyone on the jobsite more quality driven.  As we update and enhance the system every day, the users are more educated in every aspect of the project.  Through its analytics, users will know exactly where to put their improvement attention.”

By exploiting safety, design and construction informatics and employing platforms built using SMAC technologies CCS is able to lead E&C, business owners, manufacturers, insurance companies and government agencies in transforming themselves into active knowledge transfer learning organizations. 

With over 40 years in the E&C industry and $21B of constructed value Michael McMahon, CCS’s Chief Knowledge Officer stresses, “The Inspection Application is not my knowledge base.  It is the accumulation of knowledge from literally thousands of people from construction, manufacturing, contractors, vendors, insurance and government.  It encompasses the requirements from the designer’s specifications to the craftsman’s tricks of the trade for installing the best way, the first time.”

CCS emphasizes that through its systems capabilities with analytics, it allows a project, a division or company to address the quality issues that matter the most.  It tracks each open issues by severity and until its resolution allowing concentration on the most important issues.  With its flexibility it allows the user to customize for his project application.  Thus, not having to adapt to a one-size fits all approach.  “Quality has never been more important than it is today”, says Davis.  Davis adds, “With $35B of waste being attributed to primarily material waste and rework, a true Quality Program when followed is priceless.”

Beyond the savings potential you can experience on project, it benefits the schedule.  It allows project management to concentrate on a task the first time versus spending an inordinate amount of time on workarounds for rework and delays of other crafts that need the space.  The result of this is a more efficient startup and commissioning phase of the project assuring the owner of time to market commitments.

The comprehensive knowledge base and associated analytics of the CCS Inspection Application is generations beyond anything that exists in the marketplace today.  “Using a transparent mobile approach to get information to all employees transcends any communication that has been used in the construction industry to date”, says McMahon.  

This is CCS’s second installment of applications they will be providing the industry over the upcoming months.  Davis, concludes that we along with our client base, are believers in the knowledge based community and making the evolution of the built environment a more positive experience.

Download CCS Inspection mobile application in the Google Play Store and receive a quick demo of the product.