CCS Quality


CCS Quality provides a BEST IN CLASS construction quality control platform within your company in less than an hour. It guides you to inspect the right aspects of your construction with the best practices. (Over 215,000 Best Practice Quality Questions in over 2,000 CSI Categories).  Following the CCS Inspection quality platform will sharply eliminate field rework, reduces costs, improves schedule and startup, as well as reducing project and warranty claims!

In conjunction with, each company can set up as many projects and project users as needed.  Each project can be configured independently for quality categories, questions, mobile forms, process flows and procedures.  The system is used by field personnel, but gathers quality inspection information at any level needed. Only users that are assigned as administrators within each company are able to log into  

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Features & Benefits:

  • Analytics provide specific areas where attention is needed
  • Best in class questions in over 2350 CSI categories
  • Categories and questions customized by project
  • Company News of the Day
  • Customize reports and website with logo
  • Dramatic reduction of rework
  • Ease of implementation - usually less than one hour
  • Email reports with photos, notes and severity level
  • Innovative Lessons Learned program
  • Quality News of the Day
  • Lower Costs
  • Mobile application based with back end website administration and analytics
  • Mobile Form creation capability
  • More efficient startup and commissioning
  • More time delivery of facility
  • Transparent, real time quality audits
  • Offline Capability
  • Over 250 mobile forms
  • Securely share data within your company and industry
  • Weekly enhancement of the system