Capital Construction Solutions (CCS), the leader in applying analytically driven construction best practices to capital programs using mobile technology, has announced the release of the CCS Closeout application (app) in the suite of software improving costs, schedule adherence and productivity of engineering and construction companies.

CCS Closeout is the orderly transition of a new facility from the contractor to the facility owner.  Closeout encompasses the hundreds or thousands of activities and combining all the project’s final documents as outlined in the contract.  All these activities need to start long before the final project phase.  Pre-planning is critical for a smooth transition and CCS Closeout makes this possible by coupling mobile technology with real time analytics.  This app gives the user a best practice knowledge transfer resulting in an unsurpassed superior outcome.

CCS Closeout is an application of best practices used for the last 2-3% of a construction project.  Instead of waiting until the project is substantially complete to address the administrative closeout process, CCS highly recommends it be addressed at the outset.  Administration of the critical Closeout steps at the outset of a project helps prevent the last 2-3% of the project from becoming the last 10%.  It is imperative to realize that a successful project turnover includes all project participants, not just the few left at the end.  It is an iterative process.  Mike McMahon, CCS’s Chief Knowledge Officer stated, “This is just one more piece of the risk puzzle that historically gets ignored.  By following the guidance of this app, users can assure themselves the proper attention to this phase of the project resulting in higher profits and a more satisfied customer”.

In most complex building projects, it is normal for some activities to “slip through the cracks” costing the contractor substantial amounts of time and money to correct.  With CCS applica
tions including CCS Closeout, the user is able to rely on the analytics of the application to remind the site managers of when and what activities need to be performed.  Imagine, turning over a project on time with a smooth transition to the owner.  This is possible with CCS Closeout.  “This is another critical phase of the built environment, that CCS is addressing to reduce risk for the design and construction community”, says Cory Davis, CCS’s CEO.

This is the sixth mobile application in the “Better Built World” series from CCS.  CCS currently has over 300,000 best practices in the marketplace and the platform is being used in 50 states and in 14 countries.  CCS software supports both Android and Apple iPhone technology.