crane-topper USA TodayWe have good news in spite of the crane collapsing bad news in the media last week.  New York City’s mayor Bill de Blasio announced new construction regulations after the horrible crane collapse in lower Manhattan that killed a pedestrian. It is safe to say we successfully meet those requirements.

One of the requirements state that superintendents of projects will be required to examine the job sites every day and keep a log of safety details. CCS Safety allows workers and supervisors to complete and perform Site and Supervisor Observations among many features required to examine the job site every day and keep a log of safety details. Here is a complete list of features:

Mobile application based with back end website administration and analytics

Over 70 canned reports available (Accident, Theft, Near Miss, Equipment Safety, Utility Hit, and more)

Leading Safety Indicators in real time

Perform Task Hazard Analysis with reporting capabilities

Develop Pre Task Plans in over 150 safety categories

Toolbox talks with the ability to digitize signatures

Ability to predict accidents using Behavior Based Safety analysis

Delivers 6,000+ best practice safety questions

Innovative Lessons Learned program

Safety news of the day

Email reports with photos, notes and severity level

We will digitize your custom forms and make them available on your employee’s mobile devices

Customize reports and website with logo

Categories and questions by filtered project

Provide 10 top safety issues by date period

11 Real time performance metrics

Offline Capability

Supports Apple & Android devices- phones and tablets

Securely share data within your company and industry

Transparent, real time safety audits

Ease of implementation

Track employee certifications

View corporate safety plans on mobile device

View safety data sheets on mobile device

“We have a responsibility to keep the men and women who are building New York City safe,” de Blasio said. We agree Mayor de Blasio!