CCS Safety


Safety Inspections, Audits and Analytics to drive transparency and accountability

CCS Safety is a comprehensive safety platform that enables companies to perform safety assessments, create mobile forms, create an online file cabinet structure and upload procedures.

This is a great tool for any organization that wants to ensure a SAFE workplace and provide a quantitative, intuitive tool for all employees. Safe practices can be created, updated, and shared throughout the app.

The app features include the ability to create and edit projects, upload pictures of issues, and track and email specific safety issues based on questions devised from the leading research universities and government agencies, either within the application or through the back-end website. Each issue can also be resolved to provide full circle accountability.

The leading indicators allow the user to take initiative of an issue before it can occur and the lagging indicators allow the user to document it afterwards to ensure it won’t occur again. You can add photos, signatures, save it as a lessons learned, and email it out to recipients within the application.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Mobile application based with back end website administration and analytics
  • Over 150+ canned mobile forms available (Accident, Theft, Near Miss, Equipment Safety, Utility Hit, and more)
  • Leading Safety Indicators in real time
  • Delivers 11,000+ best practice safety questions
  • Innovative Lessons Learned program
  • Safety news of the day
  • Email reports with photos, notes and severity level
  • Customize reports and website with logo
  • Categories and questions by filtered project
  • Offline Capability
  • Securely share data within your company and industry
  • Transparent, real time safety audits
  • Ease of implementation
  • Track employee certifications
  • View corporate safety plans on mobile device
  • View safety data sheets on mobile device