Come support our CEO, Cory Davis in the 1776 Challenge Cup at 1871 Chicago Auditorium. The 1776 Challenge Cup is a global competition to find the world’s most promising companies tackling our world’s biggest challenges. Construction is a high hazard industry and safety is an essential tool to prevent these high hazards. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 5,000 deaths in construction every year in the US! Our product, CCS SAFETY is the perfect  solution to this epidemic!

Safety in the past has been primarily the responsibility of a safety director or engineer who will often perform safety audits on site using clipboards.  One of CCS SAFETY’s features, Toolbox talks, became more universal over time but it was generally a superintendent reading verbatim from a clipboard from a company that sold toolbox talks to the company.  

We are taking a more comprehensive approach to safety.  Supervisor Assessments allow owners and executives to provide a safety assessment.  Project Managers and Construction Managers can provide site observations by focusing on the specific categories of work being done on site.  Superintendents and Foreman can perform very prescriptive Pre-Task plans and Job Hazard Analysis well in advance of work being done to greatly improve the risk of an accident.  Our app allows each one of these observations to be done with picture and video capability as well.  

Also, the first thing that a user sees in the morning when they open our app is a Safety Topic of the Day.  We push topics to the industry that usually jolts them awake in the morning- usually a death since there are over 5,000 deaths in construction every year in the US.

In addition, our back end website allows companies to tie together all Apple and Android devices (tablets and phones) into a single safety enterprise reporting tool.  This allows for real-time reporting and transparency in site safety that was not available before.  This not only allows managers a way to increase training by providing visibility into poor practices but we also provide tools to encourage safe behavior and implement safety recognition programs.  

Come to the 1776 Challenge Cup to find out more about our product and why it is important product to tackle one of our world’s biggest challenge.

Tickets and more information available here.