We are honored to be amongst those invited to attend the Black & Veatch event, which will host 150+ thought leaders and innovators at their Innovation Acceleration Session on February 13th, at the Black & Veatch World Headquarters. Cory Davis our Chief Executive Officer will be amongst the attendees, which also include Chuck Vanasse, Mike Pitman, Jennifer Bryant, Mark Logan, DJ Good, Jeff Gray, Jack Messer, Karen Loftis, Patrick Ferguson, Michael Frederick, Scott Cooper, Alfredo Araiza, Dawn Zerbs, Jeffrey Bennett, Michelle Billinger, Sofia Benmouffok, Tucker Trotter, Teri Retzlaff, Chrys Sullivan, Jon Mcgraw, Cindy Reynolds, Mike Stiles, David Price, Douglas Ubel, Rob Kohl, and Boyd Nolen.

For more information regarding the event visit Black & Veatch Events.