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This session of the elmspring accelerator will launch our new approach to mentoring startups in the industry.

The premiere real estate accelerator program, elmspring, is pleased to announce the participants for elmspring 2016. The session will begin on July 25, 2016, and will welcome ten new startup companies.

The elmspring accelerator, founded by real estate entrepreneurs Thomas Bretz and Adam Freeman, is a four-month intensive program that aims to support disruptive technology in real estate and related industries. Each startup receives seed capital, access to elmspring’s impressive network of advisors and mentors, office space at Chicago’s tech hub 1871 and a host of professional services and resources. The program includes a Demo Day slated for October of this year where startups demonstrate their products for serious investors.

“This session of the elmspring accelerator will launch our new approach to mentoring startups in the industry. We will be working with more companies for a longer period of time. We have added a month of post-Demo Day support, which we hope will have a greater impact on the growth trajectory of each business,” says Bretz.

Below is a brief introduction to the first five participating companies. More information will be released regarding the final five participants.

MarketSquare: MarketSquare is an end-to-end marketplace for furniture and home decor, bringing digital innovation to the traditional furniture consignment business model. MarketSquare’s online-first approach provides both buyers and sellers increased transparency, efficiency and overall value. Focused on the Chicago market, MarketSquare serves customers within 50 miles of the city.

Enodo Score: Endo Score is a predictive analytics platform for the commercial multifamily real estate industry that objectively measures the investment grade of multifamily properties. Analyzing real-time data from public and private sources, Enodo Score’s machine learning algorithm untangles each of the factors that drive returns in multifamily investments—helping users determine how aspects like renovations, competing developments, proximity to public transportation, the addition of a pool or job growth rates will affect investment returns in every market across the U.S.

Kahoots: Kahoots is the creator of the Kahoots App, a digital assistant for the modern realtor. The app saves realtors time by qualifying leads and smartly routing them to significantly decrease follow-up time from hours to less than five minutes. It integrates with existing CRM and lead systems and provides brokerages with analytics on new lead follow-up and ensuring existing clients get personal check-ins from agents.

Capital Construction Solutions: Capital Construction Solutions (CCS) is a knowledge sharing platform to mitigate risks in construction. CCS has created a safety mobile application (CCS Safety) that reviews a list of 7,000+ best practice safety questions depending on the category of work (180+ categories) being performed. In addition, the command center website allows companies to tie together all Apple and Android devices into a single safety enterprise reporting tool. Their goal is to ensure a safe workplace and provide a quantitative and intuitive tool for all employees. CCS will be developing 17 more applications to eliminate friction points in the construction industry by the end of 2018.

Blue Crates: Blue Crates provides an on demand storage and moving solution. With a technology enabled platform that allows users to catalog and recall their items from the comfort of their homes, Blue Crates allows users to store and move their things on demand without lifting a finger. Blue Crates provides affordable convenience and helps customers extend their closets and reclaim their space without the hassle of having to use a traditional self-storage unit.

For more information about the elmspring accelerator, email info(at)elmspringaccelerator(dot)com.