rush-event-parqex-ccsThe Elmspring Accelerator is a venture accelerator that invests in technology startups who aim to disrupt the real estate and housing industry.

ParqEx was honored to be a part of the Elmspring Accelerator program over the past three months. Last night, Elmspring hosted the “Elmspring Rush,” an event that highlighted the 10 companies working with Elmspring and their progression in recent months.

Here’s a list of the 10 companies who have had the privilege to work with Elmspring over the past few months: 


Boni provides wayfinding, discovery, and object-level attribution for indoor environments, allowing individuals to easily navigate complex venues. Originally built as a guidance service for the visually impaired, Boni’s unique approach to POI mapping and routing algorithms helps venue owners drive traffic to specific points of interest (be it a garbage can, hospital bed, or retail store), ensure safety and prevent risk through clear Exit routing, and empower visitors with confidence and peace.



2Finda is a technology company that connects sport facility venue operators and owners to people looking to play sports. Facility operators and owners simply list their facilities on the 2Finda app for rent, and people looking to play sports rent out these locations on an hourly or daily basis.


Enodo Score:

Enodo Score is a patent pending predictive analytics platform for the commercial real estate industry that objectively quantifies the investment potential of multifamily investment properties. Using real-time data from more than 30 public and private sources covering approximately 800,000 multifamily properties nationwide, Enodo Score’s machine learning algorithm untangles each of the factors that drive returns in multifamily investments – and we provide this insight in a simple, map-based interface to show users how property and market related factors will affect any property’s investment quality. With our unique predictive analytics platform, you can:



Founded in Chicago with a belief that our net worth is equal to the quality of our network. And our network is measured by the quality of our relationships not the number of social connections we have.

We believe the mobile CRM is broken so we designed Kahoots for the mobile professional first and the business you work for second. Our design principles were three-fold:

  1. Help develop our network not hand it over to the company CRM,
  2. Use technology to identify and nail every follow-up opportunity,
  3. Be stupid simple to use.

Kahoots is the best of a CRM system without the cost, complexity, or being forced to hand over your network to your company.


Rent Hub:

The real-time price guide for apartments and rental housing.

What Can RentHub do For You?

Market Overview

How’s this neighborhood or local market trending?Instantly research rent price trends and metrics by size or configuration.


Where are the hot spots? Get granular and use our heatmaps to compare median rent prices by the census tract in any metro area.

Rent Calculator

What’s the fair market rental price for this unit? How do different amenities affect this? Leverage our real-time pricing engine to calculate rents based on bed, baths, and other amenities.

Property Report

Stand out in your meetings Instantly export our data into various formats (PDFs, Excel, etc.) to take with you on the go.

Portfolio Management

How does my portfolio compare to the market?Benchmark your rents against your competitors. Get alerts when your competitors adjust their rental pricing.


We play nicely with most major systems through integration relationships that reduce duplicative data entry and allow us to fit neatly into your existing workflows.



FoggyTrail is a fast growing social commerce startup, connecting Outdoorsmen with Outfitters and Landowners. The FoggyTrail web app allows users to seamlessly search, book and pay for their next expedition, while adding extra business for Outfitters and Landowners.


Bright Policy:

Bright Policy provides digital-first insurance with a human touch. With Bright Policy, you can get home insurance in seconds with no long phone calls with an agent, no anxiety and no wasted time.


Capital Construction Solutions:

 Capital Construction Solutions is a module-based knowledge sharing platform to mitigate risk in construction by tackling 30 specific friction points.

By developing a suite of Best in Class mobile applications using information available from forward leaning experts, industry knowledge and government research, best practices will be effortlessly provided to the industry via their mobile devices.

A back end analytic website solution enables companies to create customized risk management solutions for all employees regardless of the mobile device used. Inherent to all solutions is a real-time performance management reporting system that creates executive dashboards to report critical project risk management items to all levels of an organization.

In addition, Capital Construction Solutions has integrated a lessons learned component into every solution so all members of an organization can report recommended procedure, process, training and contractual changes required to ensure that the company has a robust continuous improvement process.


Blue Crates:

Blue Crates Moving Rental is the most convenient and affordable way to take the hassle out of moving. Instead of trudging down to your local hardware store to buy a bunch of cardboard boxes that you have to make, breakdown, and throw away, just use Blue Crates. Our industrial strength crates and wardrobes allow you to order online and have everything brought right to your door, usually for less than the price of cardboard boxes. When you’re finished with your move, we’ll come to your new place and pick up our empty crates and wardrobes (we can also help with your move, furniture included – see for details). In addition to being affordable and convenient, our crates and wardrobes are much more durable than those collapsing boxes too, making your things safer in transit.



ParqEx is a technology company that connects owners of private parking spots to people looking for parking. In urban areas where parking demand is high but available options are scarce or expensive, ParqEx makes additional supply available to the driving public by listing exclusive inventory owned by local residents and businesses.

Using ParqEx, parking owners are able to make some supplemental income from an underutilized asset while renters get access to exclusive inventory in more convenient and hard-to-park locations.

ParqEx believes that when communities come together there is no challenge big enough – including solving urban parking. ParqEx is unique as it helps solve urban parking by not only adding parking supply for the public to use, but also helping communities to earn some additional income. It’s a win-win-win scenario – for drivers, parking owners, and the community as a whole.

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