How It Works


Company signs up for an account


Company sets up projects & users


Company assigns user to projects


Company assigns risk management modules to specific users


Company customises each user's experience


User downloads specific app to Android or Apple device


User only sees projects, categories and reports specific to them.


User creates assessments and reports


Data is sent to the cloud


Company views information in real time on website


Company runs analytics and benchmarks results


Company generates new content and lessons learned

CCS Analytics

Performance Metrics

Performance Metrics provides companies with real-time risk management analysis for all of their projects. Best practice Key Performance Indicators help companies target issues immediately to better manage construction projects using information generated in the field and provided in a rich graphical display.


Customization allows companies to automatically display their logo on the CCS Analytics site and on all reports. Companies further customize each mobile app by only assigning projects to users on that project and categories only applicable to that project and only best practice questions that pertain to each company. Customization allows companies to view the entire best practice library and focus on the items that pertain to their company.

Easy Setup

Set up is as easy as 1-2-3. First, the company buys licenses for only the risk management apps that they need and sends off user names to each employee. Two, each user downloads the apps to their mobile devices. Three, the company manages using performance management and analytics!

File Cabinet

File cabinets allow companies to manage certifications, reports, safety plans, orientation plans, etc! By posting any revisions to the file cabinet, the users can then see the changes through their mobile devices.

Risk Management Scorecard

Risk management scorecards allow companies to see a quick overview of all of their projects in one location. Find how many open issues exist and how to prioritize programmatic changes within the company.

Lessons Learned

A robust Lessons Learned platform is built into all of the risk management modules. It's essentially a 24/7/365 suggestion box for all of the employees within a company to post value added recommendations. These suggestions may be process, training or procedure issues that they have learned and want to share with the company for continuous improvement.