Anastassios “Tommy” Intzeyiannis lived with his wife in a Howard Beach, Queens, apartment, where they were gearing up for their second wedding anniversary and trying to start a family. He was still close to his mother and two siblings, who lived in the Astoria, Queens, home where he grew up. They recall Tommy as a boisterous grill master whose patience with barbecued ribs paid off for anyone within smelling distance. At work for a concrete construction contractor, he earned the nickname “Chopsaw,” after the power tool. On July 16, 2012, Tommy, then 40, fell five floors down a midtown elevator shaft while working on an annex for Fordham University. He clung to life for 10 days. “The doctor kept saying there was a light at the end of the tunnel,” his mother, Christine Kiourtsis, recalled. After Tommy’s death, his widow, Randi Intzeyiannis, sued the companies running the construction site. But instead of making the family whole, the ordeal divided them. She and her husband’s family no longer speak, the result of a feud that began at Tommy’s bedside in the hospital and was fueled by the trauma of his death. That means she doesn’t see her former sister-in-law’s daughter, born several weeks after the accident and named Tommi. “His death has ripped this family apart,” Kiourtsis said.

via: Joe Anuta at Crains New York