Capital Construction Solutions™ is very excited to announce the launch of our website:!

You can browse through our new and upcoming CCS apps, request a demo, view client success stories, log onto our CCS Analytics site, find out more information on our company and much more. Meet our leadership team as they discuss how Capital Construction Solutions came about and stay up-to-date on company and industry news. Our bright colors invite our users and potential users for an overall user-friendly experience. Our goal was to display a more informative, cleaner and easy-to-navigate website.

Our most noticeable change on our new website is the layout and content. We have kept our original logo but adopted “Collectively Transforming Construction®.”
We believe our new title explains our bringing construction from the work site to the office in real time in the greenest way possible. We are transforming the industry in a way which will be the future of construction.

Capital Construction Solutions™ is a knowledge sharing platform to mitigate risk in construction. Our vision is to share the best practices to help people reduce risks in construction and renovation projects, by leveraging the latest mobile and web technologies. Our message is delivered in a short video as you are welcomed on the homepage.

The new website is broken down into 6 sections: Our vision, Products, Pricing, About Us, How It Works and News. Each section provides information, links, and photos to learn more about our company. We hope to have our new and potential users understand what we do more and our vision clearly. We hope our users will gain the full CCS experience. We hope you will be interested in our products. Most importantly, we hope you are satisfied with our new website because our users are our first priority!

So check it out!

We appreciate Patrick Johnson and Taylor Russ’s hard work and we recommend them for any future work!

If you or anyone you know in the construction industry are interested in demoing one of our CCS apps, please contact

If you are interested in the work of our website developer and/or videographer please contact


The CCS Team!