NFSI websiteOur CEO, Cory Davis will be presenting at the National Floor Safety Institute Board Meeting Monday, April 4th!

The NFSI provides a wide range of services including independent product testing and certification, educational training, and standards development.

Cory will be discussing the importance of safety in today’s construction industry by introducing our safety mobile application (CCS Safety) and how it can be used in Fortune 1000 companies to isolate and track slips, trips and falls in the workplace.

One of our main goals is to prevent slip, trip, and fall incidents in addition to other accidents that occur in a worker’s daily life. CCS Safety reviews a list of best practice safety questions (7000+) depending on the work category (170 categories) being performed. This is a great tool for any organization that wants to ensure a SAFE workplace and provide a quantitative, intuitive tool for all employees. Safe practices can be created, updated, and shared throughout the app. With CCS Analytics (, each company will then be able to tie the mobile application from within their organization into an enterprise reporting tool for a nominal price of $99 per user.