An investigative report from the New York Times has found that the number of construction workers killed on the job in New York City has surged in the last two years, far outpacing the rate of the city’s new construction in that time. Calling safety conditions on NYC jobsites “woefully inadequate,” the Times report says many of the dozen-plus deaths of construction workers since 2013 were “completely avoidable,” noting that “time and again in thousands of pages of…documents…the same issues emerged.” “Most construction sites where workers died failed to take basic steps to prevent them from falling. Workers frequently did not wear harnesses or helmets, as required by law. Supervision was often lacking. In many of the projects, a premium was placed on speed, causing workers to take dangerous shortcuts.” Citing data from the NYC Buildings Department, the Times reports 10 workers died on projects in the city in fiscal year 2015 (July 2014 to July 2015) alone. That figure nearly doubles the annual average over the previous four years. The number of injured workers on NYC jobsites is also surging, up 53 percent in the last fiscal year to 324.

via: Wayne Grayson at Equipment World