Capital Construction Solutions is proud to announce that there are now over 100 companies that have signed up for CCS Safety.  Since the CCS Safety launch on 12/1/2015, clients have joined the system an average one company per day!
Talk to your peers and find out why they love the CCS Safety system and how they are leveraging their knowledge of safety among each other to radically change the approach to safety.
Here are a few of the many testimonials…
“Sounds crazy, but I get excited talking to others about this app! This is the greatest tool to use for construction companies and any safety personnel in the office and/or field!”  -Tricia Hanrath, Safety Director of an ENR Top 400 Contractor
“Finally a user friendly application for all levels of management to capture real time data in a centralized location. It’s SMS (Safety Management System ) at the touch of your fingers!”  -Chris Evers, Safety Officer of a Leading Commuter Rail Agency
“The value behind the program is simply incredible – no other construction safety technology provider comes close to providing this much safety power at such a reasonable price point.”  -Ralph Barszcz, Safety Director of an ENR Top 400 Contractor
“Training with the CCS Safety platform will help our Local gain market share over other contractors, and show the Alaskan general contractors that we know and care about safety.”  -Anthony Ladd, Apprenticeship Coordinator