In today’s world, engineering and construction companies must execute a higher volume of Risk Projects than in the past. A key to doing that will be to formally and strategically acquire profitable projects through selective bidding, obtaining sound contracts, and effective execution of projects. Utilizing a tool that facilitates predictive project outcomes is paramount in this endeavor.
To manage risk, one must be acutely aware of his/her total surroundings and their interrelated complexities existing in the built environment. By using mobile technology, you equip yourself with thousands of years of experience at your fingertips and afford yourself the ability to ask the “right” questions, at the right time. Use a knowledge base that grows daily while giving you the specific impact that open issues will have on your business. Exploit construction informatics and employ platforms built using SMAC technologies and Saas, leading architecture, engineering and construction companies can and transform themselves into active, knowledge- transfer learning organizations. 
The learned organization will lead the industry into the future. They will be the organizations that benefit from the newest technology, saving millions of dollars and reducing the carbon footprint with the reduction of paper usage. They will know their issues from the beginning and master the mitigation of each. They will take advantage of a global knowledge system that is not encumbered by historically compartmentalized organizations.   
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Mike McMahon
Chief Knowledge Officer
Capital Construction Solutions™, LLC