Construction300During National Safety Week 2016, which ran May 2-6, over 4,500 construction workers from Adolfson & Peterson Construction (AP) joined in daily activities that emphasized safety and awareness practices.

National Safety Week is an initiative from leaders and CEOs of worldwide and national construction firms. Together, they are representatives of the Construction Industry Safety Initiative (CISI) group, as well as the Incident and Injury-Free (IIF) CEO Forum.

“As a cosponsor of Safety Week 2016, AP has joined 60 leading companies and various industry associations to show that we can all work together toward a common goal of keeping our workforce safe and ensuring that all our workers go home safely every night,” AP CEO Rick Whitney said.

The workers were on job sites from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Seattle, Washington. The goal of the event is to help workers commit to leadership and safety in their construction industry; over 80,000 workers have a work-related injury every year.

“The Safety Week motto of ‘Many Roles, One Goal – Building Safely Together’ accurately reflects the approach of these organizations to share our best practices in preventing accidents and ensuring worker safety,” Whitney said. “The benefit will come as we learn from each other and lift the overall capabilities of our industry in preventing construction site accidents.”

via: Arizona Business Daily, Shuttershock